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God by angelwbrokenwings God :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 1 4 Crumb-avenue-cute Unicorn-20150705173143 by angelwbrokenwings Crumb-avenue-cute Unicorn-20150705173143 :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 4 0
Take a step back.  Fucking look at yourself.  You are human.  You are beautiful.  You are so beautiful.  And you can be anything.  You can be everything.  Do not hate because someone broke your heart, or because your parents split up, your best friend betrayed you, your father hit you, the kid down the street called you fat, ugly, stupid, worthless.  Do not concern yourself with things you cannot control.  Cry when you need to, then let go when it's time.  Don't hang onto painful memories just because you're afraid to forget.  Let go of things that are in the past.  Forget things that aren't worth remembering.  Stop taking things for granted.  Stop taking life for granted.  Live for something.  Live for yourself.  Fall in love.  Fall out of love.  Fall in love.  Fall out of love. 
:iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 6 5
Look at me
I'm in a place
I never thought I'd be
Don't have the strength
To fight anymore
Or a reason not to leave
So tell me why I still keep holding on
To something I just cannot see
My world is falling apart
I'm at the end of my rope
I can't find any hope
How do I try one more time
When it's just not in my heart
I'm not afraid
Of living alone
I was alone before he came
Still I just can't walk away
I've been in love
Many times before
But this time's not the same
When it goes this deep
And feels this strong
I can't convince myself
That this love is wrong
I just can't walk away
:iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 5 3
Lessons of a Butterfly by angelwbrokenwings Lessons of a Butterfly :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 3 2
Final Destination
There are things in life that a person just knows.  Things in life that we can't control, like when we fall in love and when to let go.  These are things we can't learn by taking a class.  Things we can't learn from reading a book.  They are just facts somehow instilled somewhere deep in our soul.  At first these things may be hard to understand. They can be difficult to accept.  Though as the years go by and our knowledge grows, so does our understanding of how the world just goes.  We find peace in the realization that we each have a purpose here.  A purpose larger than us, which we are obligated to fulfill.  It is then and only then that we are able to see, there is a bigger picture, somewhere else we're meant to be.  This Earth was not our final destination, it's not where we belong.  It's merely just a layover, a temporary home.  A brief stop on the way to where
:iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 3 1
Intrigued by angelwbrokenwings Intrigued :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 2 2 Cuts Deepest by angelwbrokenwings Cuts Deepest :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 0 0 Take it or Leave it by angelwbrokenwings Take it or Leave it :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 4 3 Love You by angelwbrokenwings Love You :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 4 3 Courage by angelwbrokenwings Courage :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 3 11 Free Fall by angelwbrokenwings Free Fall :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 3 1 Hope Floats by angelwbrokenwings Hope Floats :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 5 2
Long Gone
I search for you in the daytime
In my every waking thought
I search for you in the moonlight
In every shining star
I search you in my nightmares
In my empty arms
I search for you in every face I pass by on the street
In every man I let in my bed
Pretending that it's you
Every memory I have
Of laying in your arms
Of the world melting away
With just the feeling of your arms
:iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 4 1
New Wings by angelwbrokenwings New Wings :iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 4 3
The End
Dear Mom,
I would live the rest of my life with this tooth pain if only I didn't have to carry this agony everyday.   I just cannot live like this for the next 30 years.  Things have changed, life is different.  There is no fixing it, it will never be the same or ok, I see that now.  Do you remember when we were kids.  You worked the night shift and I would miss you so badly that I couldn't sleep.  So we made every Tuesday our special night, Dad would sleep in my room and I'd get to sleep with you.  Each week we would have a count down to the next Tues.
Then, when we were just a bit older,  you needed to be at work at 8:00  in order to get us to school you dropped us off at 7:00.  I had to force myself out the car door.  I can still feel the intense pain I was in at having to be separated from you.  You'd pull away and I would go to the side of the building, craw
:iconangelwbrokenwings:angelwbrokenwings 2 4


Love, From Baby Seal by NeuroticCrow Love, From Baby Seal :iconneuroticcrow:NeuroticCrow 17 2 Starry Night Foxes by rockgem Starry Night Foxes :iconrockgem:rockgem 18 16 Giant bone! by rockgem Giant bone! :iconrockgem:rockgem 8 10 U.F.T (Unidentified floating tortoise!) by rockgem U.F.T (Unidentified floating tortoise!) :iconrockgem:rockgem 13 11 Stripey ball by rockgem Stripey ball :iconrockgem:rockgem 20 12 Away with the moon and the stars... by rockgem Away with the moon and the stars... :iconrockgem:rockgem 10 16 First Snowflakes by rockgem First Snowflakes :iconrockgem:rockgem 24 2 snow person by rainbow-falls snow person :iconrainbow-falls:rainbow-falls 29 11 animal stamp by musicisinmysoul animal stamp :iconmusicisinmysoul:musicisinmysoul 425 0 Unicorns by littlepaperforest Unicorns :iconlittlepaperforest:littlepaperforest 2,477 251 Poetry greeting cards by vexl33t Poetry greeting cards :iconvexl33t:vexl33t 1 0 Free Literature Tag- Butterfly by kawaii-anime-vamp911 Free Literature Tag- Butterfly :iconkawaii-anime-vamp911:kawaii-anime-vamp911 38 67 'I don't wanna miss Santa...' by SaNNaS 'I don't wanna miss Santa...' :iconsannas:SaNNaS 121 24
10 Things I Learned...
i. Nobody has the right to tell you how to feel – including your Mother. If somebody makes you feel uncomfortable, upset, anxious, or any feeling remotely classed as ‘bad’, you have every right to have that feeling (or any feeling), and you most certainly have every right to voice and express the way you feel. Upon expression, the person who caused those feelings has no right to make excuses for themselves – the only acceptable response is an apology and an effort to understand.  Sometimes, I just need to feel something. Anything. Even if that feeling is pain.
ii. Your smile is infectious. Never stop seeing the beauty in the world. Like laughter.
iii. Being cold blooded and old-souled does not mean your heart is ice. If anything, you love too much, which is something that most people do not know how to cope with. Do not blame yourself for others misfortunes or misunderstandings. It is your experience which has made you stiffen, and rightly so. That is by no
:iconscarwolf:ScarWolf 3 4
Luna Inspiration 2 by AStoKo Luna Inspiration 2 :iconastoko:AStoKo 1,637 184 season change by Apofiss season change :iconapofiss:Apofiss 5,996 140

Oh For The Love of Stamps!

Gives Me Hope Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Im just a little crazy stamp by Pixel-Sam:thumb303937399: Pro Choice stamp by jinxedbyemily Love the world by pjuk:thumb303940335: Again Broken stamp by SheilaMBrinson Pink ribbon by BlueRavenAngel I Like Animals Better Stamp by TheRealMorticon Rescue Stamp by DianePhotos:thumb257244949:


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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 5, 2012, 12:53 AM

I was exzcited about coming back here more and about the new stuff I was working on.  Then I spilt 2 liters of Coke on my 4 month old laptop.  Great.  I'm screwed.  So I kept wrkiting filling up notebooks and planning on just stealing time on my Dad's PC when I could.  The last time I signed on, I had a note from the account of a good friend.  Someone I love very much.  It wasn't from him, though.  It was one line and it was "signed" Agnes, his mother.

"Trevor passed away two days ago and I promised him I would tell you.--------------Agnes

You know I thought I could coe here and lay this out and I don't know, but I can't.  I'm not back.  I don't know if I'm going to be. I don't know where I am.  I'm angry.  I'm sad.  I need to go find something to break

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